Adorable smiling sloth rescued from highway

WTNH - ECUADOR (WTNH)– Transit police in Ecuador had to deal with an abnormally cute situation on the side of a highway last week.

An adorable photo of a sloth is trending worldwide after Comision de Transito del Ecuador shared photos of the little creature on their Facebook page Friday. In the photos, the sloth is holding on to a guardrail on the side of a highway.

The transit officers say they discovered the "hermoso perezoso", translated as the "beautiful lazy," clinging to the pole after he got scared when he struggled to cross the busy road. The sloth seemed to be smiling in the photos, perhaps happy about the rescue.

After snapping the viral photos, officers took the now famous sloth to the vet to get checked out. The sloth was found to be in good condition and released back to its natural habitat.

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