Myrtle Beach plans to create internship program for students

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) - The Human Resources department with the City of Myrtle Beach is creating a new internship program for high school students to be more prepared for jobs with the city.

The new program is designed to help teach life skills, while giving students a chance to learn about different job opportunities the city has to offer. This program will be for sophomores, juniors and seniors, and they will work with the department that matches their career interest.

"We're hoping that they learn job readiness, all the way from interview preparedness and how to conduct themselves on a daily basis," said community development coordinator, Amber Campbell. 

Campbell said they will allow students to begin their internship in high school, continue with the city through college, and hopefully be eligible for a position with the City of Myrtle Beach by the time they graduate.

The idea for this program came from the city's employee leadership program, called C.L.I.M.B. Campbell said they wanted to extend their role as leaders to reach the students of the community, but the program is not limited to students in Myrtle Beach.

"People tend to stay in the city of Myrtle Beach for a very long time and have their entire career here," said Campbell. "At the same time, we need to be able to have the talent available for the next generation to fill those places when people retire."

The city is also looking at creating paid apprenticeship positions to go along with the internship experience. Campbell said they are in the process of finding grant money to be able to pay the students.

Campbell also said the city is still working on the final touches of the application process, but they are working as quickly as possible to get the internship going."We really want to make sure this is as positive an experience as possible for the students," said Campbell.

WBTW will be following the development of this internship program and we will keep you updated when the application for students is available.

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