Confederate Flag and merchandise remains in Grand Strand stores

AJ Janavel - MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) - Grand Strand businesses continue to sell the Confederate Flag and Confederate Flag merchandise despite a growing national trend to remove the item from shelves.

The flag is certainly harder to get now.

Some flag makers are not making it and big companies like Walmart and eBay are no longer selling it.

The New York Times reports even with national stores removing it from their shelves, sales of the Confederate Flag and its merchandise are soaring.

"This is history whether people like it or not," said Bill Ingrum.

Ingrum and his family are on vacation in Myrtle Beach from Tennessee.

He purchased a souvenir Myrtle Beach coffee mug featuring the Confederate Flag.

He says people misunderstand the flag as a representation of slavery.

He says that is not what it means.

"People that are wanting to get rid of the Confederate flag are just looking for something to blame racism on," said Ingrum. "Racism is an individual's stupidity. It has nothing to do with this flag," he added.

The Confederate Flag and merchandise featuring its image is not hard to find along the Grand Strand.

However, business owners who sell the item and are willing to talk about it are not as easy to find.

News 13 went into at least ten stores in different parts of town including Broadway at the Beach, along Kings Highway and on Ocean Boulevard and only one person would speak on camera.

"It's turned up a couple notches in the last couple days with the rebel flag," said Darrell Kimrey.

Kimrey is the manager of an airbrush store along the boulevard.

He says the requests for Confederate Flag designs he has recently received have all been to honor, what he says, is southern history and nothing to do with negativity or hate.

"Ain't nothing racist for us we're here to make money and it makes us money. It's not a negative thing for us, it's a positive it's about our heritage. It's about anyone's heritage that's from the south," said Kimrey.


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