Construction in Myrtle Beach to close portion of Ocean Blvd.

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) - Construction in Myrtle Beach is closing down two roads this week.

At Ocean Boulevard and 52nd Ave. N, a new housing development is being built. Contractors have to connect water and sewer utility lines that run underneath Ocean Blvd, requiring them to close the road for most of this week.

The new housing development is called Ocean Village and it is expected to have about 30 lots for single-family houses. Nation Homes hired CL Benton and Sons to complete the project.

"Be prepared to make those detour turns," advises CL Benton adn Sons Vice President Edward Benton. "That would help us should there be any confusion, and have to help people get rerouted where they need to be. Our biggest thing will be getting tourist traffic around that area."

Construction crews hope to complete most of the work during the evening hours, but drivers are asked to avoid the area if possible.

Cannon Road, off Highway 501, will also close due to construction. A stormwater pipe underneath that road is old and rusting and it needs to be replaced. Because of the pipe's condition, if it is not replaced, a sinkhole could open up in the road.

"Water has to go somewhere," says Shannon Welch with SCDOT. "Whenever you got a project draining or roads draining down ditches and through storm drains that water has to go somewhere, so there's always an outlet. It all goes to and this here is just replacing a metal pipe that's in poor condition, just trying to get it to good condition."

The road is expected to be closed on Tuesday and Wednesday, but the SCDOT said they are going to try and complete the project in one day with money from their maintenance budget.

Drivers should use 52nd Ave. N as the detour on Ocean Blvd. and drivers on Cannon Rd. will need to continue down Highway 501 and turn on Highway 15 to get around.

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