Conway battles power outages and Waccamaw flooding


The Waccamaw river continues to rise after Hurricane Matthew, and won't likely crest until this weekend.

People in Conway were hit on both sides with power outages and heavy flooding. High water and downed trees are common sights throughout the town. John Wingo lives off of Main St. in downtown Conway. Or as he calls it, the dead area.

"The power's out from about 4 blocks this way to 4 blocks that way," he explained. "And I'm right in the middle in the dead area."

And the situation is more dire for some than others, like resident Chuck Kermon. He said, "my family and I are handicapped and we lost power for one full day. And since I'm on a breathing machine that made things difficult for us."

Santee Cooper said Monday they've restored power to about 84,000 people since the storm hit.

But thousands are still without.

They don't expect to have everyone's power on until Friday.

Omar Ortiz has been without power since since Saturday. He said it's difficult,  "because all my food has already perished. I already called Horry Electric Cooperative but I know they are busy trying to restore the main lines."

Horry Electric is reporting about 40,000 people with their service are without power.

Horry County EMD told residents who do have power to turn their freezers and fridges to the coldest setting in case they end up losing it.

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