Darlington man wins lottery twice after hearing about wins on News13

WBTW News Staff - COLUMBIA, SC  – A Darlington man became a two-time lottery winner after he cashed in two winning Palmetto Cash 5 tickets worth $100,000 and $200,000 Monday.

"This is life changing," the winner told lottery officials.

The press release from the SC Lottery says he has consistently played Palmetto Cash 5 for decades, trying out different strategies to win. His idea paid off big time after he decided to pick five numbers at the Situ LLC on South Main Street and drive to the EZ Shop on Pearl Street and play those same numbers again.

"I'm paying off my house," the man said.  "I'm debt free."

Lottery officials say he was watching WBTW News13 when he heard two stores in Darlington sold winning lottery tickets. He checked his tickets and discovered both wins were his.  Because he Powered-up the second ticket, his $100,000 prize was doubled to $200,000 when a "2" multiplier was selected.

The odds of winning $100,000 playing Palmetto Cash 5 are 1 in 501,942.  The odds of winning $200,000 playing Palmetto Cash 5 are 1 in 1,003,884. The odds of winning both prizes in the same drawing were seemingly unlikely, until now, lottery officials say.

For selling the claimed tickets, Situ LLC received a commission of $1,000 and EZ Shop received $2,000.

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