Dash Cam video released of SC stolen military Humvee chase

A dash cam video of Aiken County Deputies chasing a military veteran driving a stolen Humvee was released Tuesday

Deputies say Michael Warning stole a Humvee from a Fourth of July display at Fort Gordon.

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We know Aiken County deputies chased the suspect for about 20 miles, hitting a guard rail and driving all over the roadway.

That's also documented in a three page incident report, but the just released dash cam video tells more of the story.

Deputy says, "coming up to a stop sign. One of the doors is open."

This is about a minute into the 12 minute chase. Aiken County Deputies following suspect, Michael Warning, on Reynolds Pond Road. He turns onto highway one, driving toward Interstate 20.

Another deputy comes in with his flashing lights and siren, near Air Park Boulevard to get the suspect to pull over, but he doesn't, he keeps going.

Throughout the chase, the six ton humvee is seen driving on and off the road and veering across lanes.

At one point, he almost runs into a deputy.

"Watch him, watch him. Dude, he wanted to kill people," said a deputy.

The suspect then turns onto the frontage road, two minutes later, turns left toward I-20 and drives through a fence.

The deputies follow as they drive up the hill, the suspect keeps driving on the grass and then moves to the interstate.

"We are now on I-20 eastbound passing mile marker 25," a deputy said.

The suspect then veers in the lane, you can see a a door on the humvee opens and closes.

A deputy reacts, "He is out of control man. I don't know what he's doing."

Seconds later, he loses control, the tires kick up some dirt, but he corrects and gets back on the road.

Deputies send each other a message.

"Please be careful."

Then, he drives on the grass and stops.

"Driver! Exit the vehicle with your hands up.!"

"Get cover"

"Exit the vehicle with your hands up Michael."

Deputies repeat this several times.

He struggles to get out, and then

"Get down on the ground."

He listens, gets face down with his hands straight and behind him, deputies move in with their guns drawn, handcuff him.

Two deputies give each other a high five, then they take him away.

Michael Warning faces several charges tonight including possession of a stolen vehicle and attempted murder.

He is in the Aiken County Detention Center on $115,000 bond.


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