Disabled American Veterans honored at Carolina Country Music Fest

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – A group of men and women with the organization, Disabled American Veterans, were honored on stage Friday night during the Carolina Country Music Festival.

"What we've managed to do is bring ten veterans from all eras that have various degrees of illnesses and injuries to this great event," said Assistant Director of Communications for DAV, Steven Wilson.

The group traveled with their loved ones from several places around the country to receive the DAV Victories for Veterans Award.

"We spend every day and every dollar that we get in donations trying to improve our services and trying to improve the lives of veterans," said Ron Hope, who served in the U.S. Army and was injured in 1969.

Hope said he enjoys educating the public on what DAV does for veterans all over the country.

"Showing that they are just like everybody else," added Hope. "Sometimes it takes them a little longer to do things but they go about their business just like regular, normal people."

Another veteran in the group, Brenda Cox, served in the Air Force from 1992-1997.

"I was injured and had some medical conditions begin and I really didn't know where to go when I was medically discharged," said Cox. "It happened so fast. One minute you're military with this career and the next minute it's gone."

Cox said she's looking to a fun weekend but is also glad she can use it to give back to her husband.

"For all the years he supported me through my illnesses and complications," she added. "And I get to share that with my best friend and the love of my life; my high school sweetheart!"

Cox said the best part about DAV is that they don't make her feel disabled.

"Instead, I was able to take a disability and figure out I'm not broken. I might be bent. I might have a couple cracks but guess what? I still have ability," she said. "That's kind of what helps drive me."

The group hopes by being at CCMF, they will spread the word about services DAV offers and let other veterans know they have support.

If you would like to read more about DAV, click: here.

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