District: North Myrtle Beach Middle soccer field needs $1M upgrade

CONWAY, SC (WBTW) - An upgrade to the soccer field at North Myrtle Beach Middle School is estimated to cost the Horry County School District about $1 million.

The upgrades were previously voted on and approved but the project came in $330,000 over budget.

Director of Facilities, Mark Wolfe, said the increase is due to rising construction costs and a waterline under the current field the district didn't know was there. However, he said the district has money left over from past projects, as well as a reimbursement check coming in from the Horry County Transportation Committee, so they won't have to dip into any other accounts.

The North Myrtle Beach High School athletic department wants to upgrade the soccer field at the middle school to be a regulation-size South Carolina high school approved field. It would be available for teams to use from the middle and high school.

"Making it more of a multi-use [facility]," said district spokesperson, Lisa Bourcier. "We're able to do some additional costs for the scoreboard to not only accommodate soccer but lacrosse and other needs as well."

The proposal asks to upgrade the field area with lights, amenities, and bleachers as well as irrigation, grading and leveling, and new sod.

Wolfe said they would like to have the field done before spring sports begin but said weather and other factors could change the timeline.

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