Faith-based groups arrive in Nichols to help flood victims rebuild

NICHOLS, SC (WBTW) - Gutting a home is a grueling process and many are in need of help before toxic mold sets in.

Two hundred volunteers from faith based groups Texas to Georgia were in Nichols Friday afternoon to help flood victims to get back into their homes.

Hundreds of homeowners in Nichols lost everything but the basic structure of their home.

Volunteers were put into teams of eight to twelve on Friday to clean seventeen homes.

Teams were given essentials like bright colored safety vests, goggles, gloves and the tools necessary to get rid of the mold.

Nichols resident Allen Causey has lived in Nichols for 37 years.

"It's a long drawn out battle. It's going to take a while to get back," mentioned Causey.

For the past month Causey has worked by himself to clean his home.

"You work in it day after day and you can't see what you've got done but when they come in…it makes you feel overwhelming you know," said Causey.

78 year-old Shirley Alcorn traveled from Georgia to volunteer to help.

"I just can't imagine being without your home and these people will continue to be in our prayers long after we return to Bethlehem," Alcorn explained.

Throughout the day Alcorn helped remove debris inside homes with a shovel.

"You feel good when you are around other Christians and it especially feels good when you are doing something worthwhile and helping someone," said Alcorn.

With hope they can mitigate at least some suffering, even if only by helping pull out sheet rock or dragging warped furniture to the curb.

"You try to do it yourself and stuff but you get burned out so you just appreciate what you do have now and the help and friendship of people that's helping us out," said Causey.

Volunteers plan to continue the clean-up Saturday.

After volunteers leave there will be individual teams in Nichols to clean homes.


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