Florence humane society moves several animals to Virginia

WBTW News Staff - FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) - The Florence Humane Society sent dozens of its animals to Virginia on Friday to increase the odds that they'll be adopted by loving families.

The humane society is a no-kill organization, but officials there say it's very over-crowded.

When they need space, they send animals up to Pet-Connect in Arlington which serves as a "foster home" for pets until they can be adopted out to forever homes. Shelter workers say the facility in Arlington doesn't have the dog overpopulation Florence has.

So far,  people have volunteered to drive about 270 animals from the humane society.

"One of the drivers one time told me it's like being a rock star. When you drive up there, and a lot of these animals are already adopted, and their adopters are waiting there and I mean they cheer they clap and to see the excitement and the compassion that they have for these animals I mean it just makes it all worth it," Lela Joseph, Rescue Coordinator with the Florence Humane Society said.

The society mostly just sent dogs at first, but now they send cats and kittens, too.


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