Bond set for former HCPD officers charged with misconduct

CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – Four former Horry County Police Officers faced a circuit court judge Tuesday afternoon for formal arraignment.

Luke Green took the stand first and pleaded not guilty on three counts of misconduct in office and asked that he be tried by a jury of his peers. According to the attorney general's office, Green had sexual contact with a prostitute and a CI.  The judge set his bond at $35,000 and asked that he have no contact with witnesses.

Todd Cox, also charged with misconduct in office, pleaded not guilty and asked to be tried by a jury. His attorney, Morgan Martin, argued that he was not a flight risk and also claimed that his client was not a criminal, but that the ordeal was just an unfortunate event. The attorney general's office says Cox did not properly investigate 18 cases, leaving many of them open. The judge granted Cox a $35,000 bond and denies contact with any alleged witnesses or victims.

Darryl Williams and his attorney Jeffery Lucas were next on the stand. Like the other former officers, Williams pleaded not guilty to the charges and asked for a trial by jury. His attorney told the judge that Williams has been living in Georgia taking care of his family and working as a truck driver. The judge was concerned about his occupation being a concern for the court, but Williams' attorney said he was not a flight risk.

Williams is accused of failing to investigate cases and also using his county vehicle and county time to work for the DSS. The judge granted Williams $35,000 surety bond and also ordered that he not have contact with any victims or witnesses.

Troy Allen Large was the final officer to take the stand. The Attorney General's Office says Large is accused of engaging in multiple sexual relationships with rape victims while he investigated their cases. Large's attorney, Russell Long, told the judge that he was excited to come to court and defend himself. He also noted Large was not in good health and was on disability.

The attorney for many women in Large's case, Amy Lawrence Lovely, took the stand to speak on behalf of the victims. She called him a wolf in sheep's clothing and claimed that he has continued to stalk and harass victims. Lovely asked that Large receive the largest bond possible.

The judge set Large's bond at $85,000 surety and required that he would be confined to his home and monitored by GPS.  He also required that Large would have no contact with any potential witnesses or victims.

On Monday, Solicitor Jimmy Richardson says Luke Green, Troy Allen Large, Todd Cox, and Darryl Williams will be booked at a local jail. Then, depending on their bond, they will likely be released the same day.

As of Tuesday evening, booking records from J Reuben Long showed that Green, Cox and Williams had been released.

Richardson says the whole investigation comes after he and former Horry County Police Chief Saundra Rhodes asked SLED to look into allegations made against former detective Williams.

"I asked her if these are the allegations and if there was anything to it. Of course, she said  I believe there are," said Richardson.

Williams faces nine counts of misconduct in office after he allegedly failed to properly investigate cases and used his county vehicle and county-paid time to work for DSS.

Todd Cox and Luke Green allegedly failed to properly investigate cases, and Richardson says he believes SLED found that through its initial investigation of Williams.

"When they started looking into that, they found some other discrepancies, and of course charged two other individuals," said Richardson.

Richardson says he also requested SLED look into former detective Allen Large after a defense attorney requested a personnel file where Large was a critical witness.

"We called SLED with the same information and said, you know, there hasn't been an investigation up to this point, but you guys might want to look at this too," said Richardson.

Large faces six counts of misconduct in office and five counts of criminal sexual conduct third degree after lawsuits from multiple women claim he sexually assaulted them and made them participate in nude catfights.

Now, Richardson says the four men will have to answer to a judge as the department is left to rebuild.

"I am glad for the other 250 or 260 police officers that the clouds can sort of start to part," said Richardson.

Richardson says the four will have their bond hearings at the same time as the arraignments tomorrow.

The South Carolina Attorney General's Office will prosecute the cases, and if convicted, each charge carries up to ten years in prison.

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