Gun Sense Committee members protest Myrtle Beach gun show

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) - Members of the Horry County Democratic Party protested the Myrtle Beach Gun Show on Sunday.

Gun Sense Committee members rallied across the street from the Myrtle Beach Convention, where the Gun Show was being held Sunday afternoon. They held signs that read "Close the Charleston Loop Hole", in reference to the Charleston church shooting. The group is advocating for stricter background checks on those who want to purchase firearms. They're also advocating for South Carolina House Bill 3183, which is currently making. The bill hopes to ban those on the terror watch list from being able to purchase a firearm, and establish a penalty for those who do.

Rosemary Wolfe is a member of the Democratic Party's Gun Sense Committee. She says gun shows are a prime example of how accessible firearms are. "At gun shows, it's easy to get any kind of gun you want. You can get a discount on assault rifles today. We're hoping to have better background checks and to have more gun safety requirements."


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