Horry County looks to regulate "storage container homes"

Tuesday, Horry County Council voted on regulating shipping containers and tiny houses as living quarters only to planned development districts with the county.

County officials say the goal regulating these structures is to get ahead of the trend before it gets out of hand in Horry County.

Right now, there is one local charity looking to use shipping containers as living quarters.

"It's more of a goal and a passion to help homeless veterans," said Brad Jordan.

Jordan is the executive director of the Veterans Housing Development.

The Veterans Housing Development is a group looking to create a "village" for homeless veterans using shipping containers.

Jordan's village would be allowed in Horry County under an approved planned development district, however the county knows Jordan's group might not be the only ones with this idea.

"It's a growing trend throughout our country and we need to get on the front end before it comes into Horry County," said Janet Carter.

Carter is the director of Horry County Planning and Zoning.

She says the county is in the process of developing regulations to allow shipping container homes and tiny houses as well as protect the public.

"You don't want them just cropping up on vacant lots across the county. They could be an eye sore or be a problem with regard to property values," said Carter.

Council approved first reading to limit these homes to planned development districts.

Carter says an adhoc committee will be created to look further into these homes.

"Protect the residents of the county while we find something better," she said.


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