Marlboro County School Board will have another mold evaluation done on Bennettsville Intermediate School

BENNETTSVILLE, S.C. (WBTW) – The Marlboro County School Board will have another test done on Bennettsville Intermediate on Saturday.

Parent of a former Bennettsville Intermediate student, Brittany Stuckey, said she wants to see a report done on Marlboro County High School.

"If they want to do a facilities study then do it, but for me put your money where your mouth is," Stuckey said. "If you truly felt that there was mold and you were really concerned about the kids how come there's no facilities study that you were able to produce?"

Stuckey recently transferred her daughter from Bennettsville Intermediate School to Wallace Elementary School after, she said, her daughter got sick from mold found at Bennettsville Intermediate.

Marlboro County School Board Chair, Lucy Parsons, said the second inspection will be done by a different company than the first.

"Ironically, the high school has the same problem in the duct work that has not been cleaned and that's where they're planning to move the children," Parsons said.

The School Board voted to move third and fourth graders from Bennettsville Intermediate to Marlboro County High in January because of the reported mold. Stuckey said she doesn't understand why a report wouldn't be done on the high school.

Parsons said it's important for everyone to speak at the school board meetings.

"These other board members needed to hear from the silent majority and not one person came forward to speak the other side," she said.

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