Meet one of first Horry County babies born in 2017

CONWAY, SC (WBTW) -  "Today was the day she was meant to come."

It's been a long 39 weeks for Constance Armstead. "With her, I was sick from the beginning to the end. It was horrible." However, she was still surprised when she went into labor on Sunday, a week ahead of schedule. "I came in at 2:30 this morning and by 7 she was on her way," she says.

Constance gave birth to Conway Medical Center's first baby of the year - a healthy, 7 pound 12 ounce girl. She says she went into labor so quickly,she had to go through the delivery alone. "I thought I was going to want my mom and stuff there but by the time it was delivery it didn't matter, who was there. I was ready to get here out."

She hasn't officially chosen a name for her baby girl just yet. "We had a name but then when I got to the hospital, I was like I don't know if  I want to stick with that one. It's gonna be her name forever. I wanna make sure it's perfect. So now I'm just going back and forth."

But Constance wants her little girl's name to share the same first letter as her own name and her son Christian's, who's thrilled about becoming a big brother. "He is very excited he came to see her today and all he could say is how much he loved his baby"

Constance says she doesn't really believe in signs or superstition, so when she tells her daughter the story of her birth one day, she plans to highlight another part of the day: "How she got interviewed on TV on her birthday!"


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