Myrtle Beach city leaders discuss reallocating tax dollars to hire more officers

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) - Myrtle Beach city leaders discussed taking away money from the Chamber of Commerce, and reallocating it to pay for more public safety resources.

City Council members talked about changing how they divvy up the Tourism Development Fee on Tuesday, as a way to help get more police officers on the ground. The fee is a 1% sales tax. Currently, 80% of the revenue goes to the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce and 20% goes to the city. Councilman Wayne gray proposed changing that ratio so the Chamber receives 70% and the city receives 30% of the sales tax revenue. Gray proposed using the additional funds to more police officers, pay for overtime for first responders, and support from other law enforcement agencies.

Mayor John Rhodes agreed with Gray. He feels it's important that Myrtle Beach city leaders come up with a detailed plan for how it plans to spend the additional tax revenue, in order for state lawmakers to change how it's allocated. "Once we do that, and show our legislators and our delegation, I really really am convinced that they're going to understand the necessity. And I believe we can get it done," said Rhodes.


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