Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue shows hazard of dry Christmas trees through controlled burn demonstration

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) - Firefighters with Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue lit Christmas trees on fire in a controlled burn demonstration on Wednesday, to show how a dry Christmas tree causes for fire to spread more rapidly than one that is given water every day.

Captain Kenneth Chapman said if you have a live Christmas tree in your home, you need to manually check its water on a daily basis. He said that dryness can also be determined by smell, if the tree's pine scent is fading or it seems to be shedding more needles than usual.

"We just wanted to get it out to the family and the residents of the grand strand to keep the trees watered." Chapman said.

Chapman also emphasized the importance of smoke detectors, and that Christmas lights should be properly checked, periodically.

"Lay them out on the ground and make sure they are all working, there's no bulbs out or broken, and you want to make sure you are using a good extension chord."

Lt. Jonathan Evans said officials recommend artificial, water resistant trees just to be safe.

"They aren't as nice, they aren't as fragrant but they are a lot safer and they last a lot longer." Evans said.


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