Myrtle Beach hosts First Robotics regional competition

WBTW News Staff - MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW)- For the next few days, and for the 26th season the Myrtle Beach Convention Center will be home to the First Robotics regional competition. 

Students from all over South Carolina compete.

Teachers say they've spent a lot of late nights over the past few months building the machines.

"Every year, the first Saturday after New Year's, they give us a game to play.  And we have to come up with a device that actually plays that game.  It has to be a certain size, it can't exceed a hundred and twenty pounds, and we only have six weeks to build it," said Bucky Sellers, a pre-engineering teacher at the Academy of Arts, Science and Technology.  "This program covers it all for them.  They have a chance to explore it.  They have a chance to work with wireless technology, coding, programming of all types, building stuff with mechanisms and all that.  They get a chance to learn it, and apply it, and compete with it."

The practice rounds started Thursday and the full competition runs through Saturday.

This event., and parking, is free and open to the public.

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