Myrtle Beach police arrest twelve people in connection with prostitution

MYRTLE BEACH (WBTW) - Myrtle Beach police arrested twelve people Friday evening in connection with prostitution.

According to the Myrtle Beach Police Booking website, the arrests were made on Yaupon Drive.

Pamela Hoffman, 45, and Chelsea Colangelo-tola, 24, were charged with loitering for the purposes of prostitution.

Michael Williams, 43, Williams Riley, 33, Devon Williams, 30, Charles Newsom, 76, Thomas Mcconnell, 85, Gary Jordan, 38,  Ernie Karner, 76, Paulino Gomez, 31, Makhmud Dusmatov, 31, and Mark Robbins, 68, each face a prostitution charge.

Stay with News13 as we continue to learn more on these charges.


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