Lake City church celebrates 100 year anniversary

LAKE CITY, SC (WBTW) - Sunday in Lake City, church and community members gathered together to celebrate the 100-year mark of Mt. Clair Missionary Baptist Church.

During the celebration, there were several musical selections. The church also received special recognition from Lake City Mayor Lovith Anderson Jr. Pastor Reginald Elmore says the members are a part of the driving force behind the church's success.

"In 1917 the church was established, right in the home of some other former members. We are so grateful to be able to say we've held on for 100 years, this is a major milestone," said Mt. Clair Missionary Baptist Church Pastor Reginald Elmore.

In the 100 years the church has been active, there have only been six different pastors, with one of them serving for over 40 years.


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