Lumbee Tribe hosts 12th annual spring powwow

MAXTON, NC  (WBTW) -  The Lumbee Tribe held its 12th annual spring powwow on May 5-7 at the Lumbee Tribe Cultural Center at 638 Terry Sanford Rd. in Maxton.

The "Dance of the Spring Moon" featured a variety of dancers competing for thousands of dollars in prize money as well as a living history exhibit and stickball games.  Members of various tribes were in attendance and took part in cultural dances.  Reggie Brewer, a member of the Lumbee Boys and Girls club talked about what the annual festival means to their community.

"We might not be the caliper of what our ancestors were, but we are still here we have food here, we have dance. Most of the Indians, I rarely ever see it in the end that's not laughing and having a good time and they love sharing that with other people" says Brewer.

The event is aimed to help share ideas and for children to learn about their history.

The event featured a Living History Exhibit, Stickball Games, Powwow Dancing, food vendors and a variety of fine arts and jewelry from individual artists.  Drum contest winners were awarded prize money ranging from $2,000 to $8,000


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