Protest held outside congressman's office in Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) - One representative to vote for the new healthcare bill was 7th district congressman Tom Rice.

Friday, some protesters were outside of his office in Myrtle Beach letting him know they weren't happy.

"We're here to hopefully let Ton Rice know that we are not happy with his vote.  We're not happy with this health care bill.  We don't want it to pass through the Senate.  It can potentially cause harm to a lot of people, take a lot of people's insurance away," said protester with Grand Strand Action Together Ashlyn Preaux.

The group of protesters also signed a petition asking for the healthcare bill to be rejected.

"I happen to be a senior citizen and a breast cancer survivor which makes me have a preexisting condition, and so from what I'm reading and hearing, my insurance coverage will cost a substantial part of my retirement income," Karen Strauss, a protester.


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