Robeson County School Board considers teacher make-up days

PEMBROKE, NC ( WBTW) - Robeson County Schools are still trying to figure out how to make up for the nearly three weeks of school missed last month due to Hurricane Matthew.

The Robeson County School District's regular building was damaged during the storm, so they met Thursday night on the campus of UNC-Pembroke. On the agenda -- how to make up some of those days for teachers who missed several weeks of work.

"We're gonna be okay," said Dwayne Smith, representative for Precinct One.

It's been a tough few weeks for students, staff, and parents in Robeson County. Students finally returned to class on Monday October 31st, with several schools still suffering the effects of the storm.

"You know, when there are things to be done, you just roll up your sleeves and you just get in and do it," said Tara Bullard, principal of West Lumberton Elementary School, whose students are now in class at nearby Lumberton Junior High.

Bullard knows all about the hard work it takes to recover from a storm like Matthew. She received an award Thursday from the school board for her service in the face of difficult odds. She was back at school working just days after the skies cleared.

"We started immediately with clean-up and that sort of thing," Bullard recalled. "We've just been rocking and rolling ever since."

Students and staff missed 15 days of class, and now the decision must be made on how to make up the missed days.

"This is something that must be tackled pretty quickly," Smith said.

Smith said while the governor and legislature will ultimately decide the students' make-up days, it falls on the school board to make sure teachers don't have to stay all summer to get their 215 required workdays.

"You're looking at making assessments and things and not having them involved in it," explained Smith. "When we need to be working for them to make sure that everything's taken care of."

The board ultimately decided to wait on a final teacher make-up day schedule until they can get more input from the teachers themselves.

They plan to have a meeting in the next few weeks about making up those days.


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