SC Department of Insurance catastrophe claims center help residents towards recovery

FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) - A week before Hurricane Matthew the South Carolina Department of Insurance held a storm ready expo at the Home Depot in Florence.

Weeks later, more than twenty five agencies set up at Home Depot to address damage done to property and automobiles during the storm.

The effects of Hurricane Matthew can still be felt throughout many communities in the Pee Dee.

The South Carolina Department of Insurance is advising people of insurance considerations to keep in mind as they work towards recovery.

"This gives us the department of insurance and the insurance industry a chance to come out in the community that was hard hit by the storm," said South Carolina Department of Insurance Director Ray Farmer.

A catastrophe claims office in the center of the home depot parking lot attracted many people who were impacted by the storm.

"I was rushing to get over here because I found out from the news," mentioned Desiree Alford.

Alford lives in Dillon County. She not only came to get some information for herself

"Thought if I came out I could help some of my other neighbors that's in the neighborhood," added Alford.

The catastrophe claims center is designed to help people like Desiree Alford who suffered damage to their homes and cars.

"My car got flooded and I had a huge tree that came down," Alford said.

Insurance experts say it's better to file your claims now than later.

"If you have a tree on your house then you want to start the process, so yes now is a great time to start if you haven't already," Farmer added.

Some insurance companies say it's also important to have a home inventory so that when an event like Hurricane Matthew happen your left with no surprises.

"Because if you have a home inventory ahead of time and you suffer from losses then it will be a whole lot easier to go through that process and to report out on all of the damage you might have," explained State Farm Spokesperson Roszell Gadson.

"If you got an insurance question and you didn't get the right answer somewhere along the line your kind of devastated you don't know what to do so that's why we're here," said South Carolina Department of Insurance Ray Farmer.

Farmer says those impacted by the storm should also be aware of scammers during this time because they seem to take advantage during disasters like Hurricane Matthew.

For more information, contact Ann Roberson at 803-737-6207.

You can also visit the South Carolina Department of Insurance website at for additional post-disaster insurance information.

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