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Community pushes back over officer conduct in Waffle House video

WARSAW, NC (WNCT) - Warsaw town commissioners are receiving pushback from the community following the conduct of one officer.

It all stems from a viral video of an officer using force on a man outside the waffle house in Warsaw. On Monday night, elected officials heard from those in the town.

Concerned citizens packed inside the Warsaw’s town hall hoping to hear from elected officials about the video of Anthony Wall being taken down by an officer. In the meeting, it was determined that no commissioner would make a comment due to a pending investigation.

Oshéa Pittman had an opinion about the video and is determined to wait to the investigation is completed.

"It takes a lot of guts to patrol our community as they patrol our community,” said Pittman. “We’ll be able to understand what actually happened that night at Waffle House once the investigation is complete.”

On the other hand, many came to bring light to police conduct including Reverend Curtis Gatewood.

“We want to bring justice to this situation,” said Rev. Gatewood. “It is not the police's responsibility to punish, it is the polices responsibility to constitutionally take a person in into custody and that can be done in a humane way.”

Cathy Greggs works with the Police Accountability Community Task Force (P.A.C.T) and is seeking justice for Wall.

“We have to understand that if we are trying to do transparency with our community as Police Officers, you can’t do transparency if we’re not holding ourselves accountable," says Greggs.

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