Tesla Supercharger station planned for Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) - Tesla is rapidly expanding it's network of Supercharger stations across the country. It let's drivers of the electric cars travel with a reliable way to top off their batteries in a matter of minutes, compared to the hours it takes with traditional outlets.

There are currently only two Supercharger stations in the South Carolina, in Santee and Greenville; the closest one to Horry County is located in Lumberton, North Carolina.

More are planned for the Palmetto State, including one that could go up at Coastal Grand Mall in Myrtle Beach.

The city will decide if it will grant a building permit for the Supercharger station on Wednesday at its Community Appearance Board meeting.

The Supercharger stations can give a Tesla sedan up to an 80% charge in 40 minutes. So drivers could park, shop, and then have enough power to get the car to the next supercharger station in the network with juice to spare.

As of this week, Tesla has 705 supercharger stations with more than 4,300 individual chargers. Plans for the Myrtle Beach facility include 10 chargers.

The stations are free for owners of Tesla model S and model X vehicles; and the city won't have to pay any of the construction costs.

"It is something that we definitely need to accommodate, people are buying electric cars and have been for awhile. They need to be able to come to Myrtle Beach and charge up," said Myrtle Beach spokesperson, Mark Kruea.

There are already traditional electric-car chargers in various locations around the city. Teslas are able to use those non-Tesla chargers, but users of non-Tesla electric cars won't be able use the Supercharger stations.

A fully charged Tesla can travel 170 miles.

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