VIDEO: NC grandmother chases off robber with large bread knife

GOLDSBORO, NC— A grandmother returning home from bingo was not playing when she pulled a knife on an attacker.

Mun Courliss chased a robber from her Goldsboro home after he jumped over a driveway fence and grabbed her as she tried to enter her home. He left with her purse, as well as damage to his arms from her bread knife and her teeth. Courliss's home security system, installed after a previous run in with a robber, recorded the whole incident.

"[The cameras] didn't mean nothing. They didn't even scare them," Courliss said. "I thought having all this stuff here would scare them away, but no."

Courliss is a 65-year-old grandmother originally from Thailand. She met her husband Richard during one of his deployments with the Air Force, and the moved to Goldsboro when he received an assignment at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base. Bingo is a regular activity, and Courliss encountered some bingo bandits three years ago. She and two other winners found themselves face-to-face with robbers when they arrived home. Courliss believes there were people watching games for winners and following them home to steal their winnings.

That's when she began carrying a bread knife when walking between her car and home, just in case. It came in handy as she got home shortly before 2 Sunday morning.

"I always be prepared for it. At least I get to fight back," Courliss said. "I'm just so mad at him. If I ever have any gun or anything, I probably blow his head off. I don't care if it's a kid or no kid, if you're going to do something like that you deserve to get hurt."

Courliss swung the knife at him several times, and when he lunged in to grab her purse, she bit him on the arm. She threw the knife at him as he ran away. It landed in a neighbor's bush and is now in the evidence locker at the Goldsboro Police Department.

She said she doesn't know if she has the nerve to carry a gun, but her husband said they are considering pepper spray. Richard Courliss became choked up and needed a moment to wipe his eyes when asked about his first reaction to seeing the video.

"I've not really expressed my emotions before. Anger. Sorry that I wasn't there for her," Richard said.

"I get upset when I see it. A young kid like that that wants to attack a 65-year-old woman. Why? I mean, what is the purpose? Money? I don't understand that. It's just evil," he said.

"It's just evil. Some kid is just wanting to be evil and mean. To attack a 65-year-old grandma? Why on earth would you do that? There's no reason or need, it's just pure evil. It angers me, and I want to do something, but there's nothing I can do. It was over and done with before I knew about it."

Richard Courliss said his wife showed incredible bravery, and he's not the only one wowed by her actions. The Courlisses said the officers who watched the tape couldn't believe how tough Mun was. They said a paramedic who took her to a hospital for evaluation said "I'm proud of you, mama."

She has a sore back after scuffling with the man and hitting her back on the wall, but she came out of the attack mostly unscathed.

Investigators hope someone might help them identify the masked and hooded man seen in the security video. Courliss also wants to warn others to be on the alert for attackers in their driveways.

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