Volunteer organizations team up to fix damaged homes

CONWAY, SC (WBTW) - Over a dozen homeowners in Horry County are safer today than they were yesterday.

Volunteer disaster relief crews provided roof repairs and tree removal to homes damaged by Hurricane Matthew in Conway.

Harlene Mathews is fortunate enough to not be one those who lost everything to Hurricane Matthew.

"We waited it out, but a tree fell over there on my trailer and my dogs kennel ended up in the pond," she said.

But she's one of many concerned about damage caused by the storm, particularly "about the rest of the roof caving in. And the roof was just put on a year ago but it just didn't weather the storm too well."

That's where Impact Ministries came in. They've partnered with homeowners and Waccamaw Voad, or Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster, and AmeriCorps to provide disaster relief….And Todd Wood of Impact said the need has been overwhelming.

"So far we've had 504 families as of last night who had asked for assistance," he informed.

IMPACT had to race against the clock to get help everyone who asked for service.

"Today," he said, "we have 16 homes that we are trying to get tarps on with our two crews so we're racing around the county and trying to set up appointments with the families. We hear that rain may be coming in the near future which none of us want to hear but we want to be prepared and get tarps on for these families so they don't further damage their homes.

Families like Harlene Mathews's who said, "The whole one side of the roof was off. All the shingles and everything was down to bare wood. So that's why the tarp is up there now."

Families can sign up through myrtle beach disaster relief.Com.

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