1,500 Stranded in Lumberton Days After Hurricane Matthew

LUMBERTON, NC - More than a thousand people in Lumberton were evacuated from their homes after severe flooding levels along the Lumber River.

Hundreds of homes in the city of Lumberton were under water Monday afternoon.

Crews and volunteers helped rescue about fifteen hundred people. Many people were stranded on top of cars, others on rooftops.

Russel Chavis with Robeson County Parks and Recreations began rescuing those stranded early Monday morning.

"You got elderly people that are sick they are having to get out. One guy just actually refused, he said I'll just stay here, so some people want to get out and then some people don't want help ya know. You just have to keep going," said Chavis.

28 year-old old Robin Robinson and her six year-old daughter wasted no time leaving home Monday afternoon.

"We just look at it from the TV perspective but to be honestly in it yourself, it's a different feeling," mentioned Robinson.

Robinson has lived in Lumberton all of her life. She barely made it out of her home because of the deep water.

"It's about four foot deep back here, some places a little deeper. They went to bed last night and it was just maybe a couple of inches but this was overnight basically," added Chavis.

According to Kelly Blue with Robeson County Emergency Management city and county crews have been out in full force helping people in neighborhoods across the city of Lumberton.

For mothers like Robin Robinson the devastation hits home.

"Really my hometown, my city, you know and just thinking how we're going to recover everything, rebuild everything, what about memorial things that we have in our homes that we can't get back ya know so it's just emotional it's frustrating you know you feel so many type of emotions at one time," said Robinson.

Blue says there are a thousand people in six shelters across Lumberton.

The shelters include Agricultural Center, Bill Sapp Recreation Center, Red Springs High School, St. Pauls High School, South Robeson High School and Purnell Swett High School.

If you plan to go to a shelter, you're asked to bring blankets, medication, pillows, a sleeping bag, and any personal items you might need.

If you would like to donate you contact Robeson County Emergency Operations Center at 910-272-5867

A command center has also been set up at 38 Legend Road, near the Robeson County Emergency Management Office along with agencies from across the state.

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