Susan Hardin

Susan Hardin, executive producer of digital media, joined the News13 news team in January 2019.

She is a longtime journalist beginning with newspapers, lastly with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and then The Arizona Republic. She started working with TV stations when she joined The Post and Courier’s company as vice president of digital content and audience. Most recently, she was the digital director for a small group of TV stations and based in Sarasota, Fla. She also worked at the CBS affiliate in Phoenix, Ariz., as a digital director.

Always a technology nerd, Hardin attended Georgia Institute of Technology while in Atlanta and received her certificates in Javascript and web design. She was trained in usability at Forrester’s boot camp and has led multiple usability studies for media companies. She sometimes dreams in code and enjoys designing web sites.

Hardin says writing headlines is addictive. Among her favorite to write recently is “K9 bites cow, SC deputy Tases K9, cow kicks deputy.”

She has worked at news media companies from Tucson and Phoenix to Atlanta and Charleston, and as far north as Burlington, Vt., and south to Sarasota, Fla. But here at the beach in the South is where she’s closest to family.

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