HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — There are already more than 180 cases of COVID-19 in Horry County Schools, less than a week after students headed back to the classroom.

According to the Horry County Schools COVID-19 Case Dashboard, student cases jumped nearly 52% in one day. The district reported 158 student cases on Thursday. The number of student cases was 104 on Wednesday.

The total number of cases for the district is 184 as of Thursday afternoon. Of those, 27 are staff cases. That means the cases among staff have more than doubled since yesterday. 

There are 52 staff members in quarantine, according to the dashboard.

The cases are divided among the schools in the district. The most cases reported at a single school is 13, which is at St. James Elementary School. There are currently 11 active cases at Conway Middle School and 11 cases at Conway High School.

News13 spoke with a mom whose son goes to Carolina Forest Elementary School. After being in school for just two days, she got an email alerting her that someone in her son’s 28-student kindergarten class tested positive for COVID-19. Now, they’re all at home having to do virtual learning.

“It stinks, I hate it for the kids,” said Susan Scarce, the parent of an Horry County Schools student. “I said this last year when this was all going on. I cannot imagine having a kindergartener having to go through virtual school and then here we are.”

Scarce said her 5-year-old son Reece was so excited to start kindergarten Tuesday and now he’s back home learning on an iPad.

“We had to go pick up the iPads at the school and we start our virtual learning [Friday],” she said. “I will say it’s been super organized but for me as a single mom and a parent, it’s very stressful when I work full-time.”

Scarce said she gives the school a lot of credit.

“The communication has been great, all you know is you’ve been exposed,” Scarce said.

She also said Reece’s teacher, principal, and school have all handled this great, but fears it’ll keep happening.

“A lot of teachers are out, a lot of kids already in quarantine,” Scarce said. “So maybe everybody will go in quarantine early, get all this done and have a good rest of the year, but I just don’t see it. I feel like it could be a very vicious cycle with it starting already.”

To check the number of cases at each individual school, visit the Horry County Schools COVID-19 Case Dashboard here.

Screenshot of map on Horry County Schools COVID-19 Case Dashboard.