MARION, S.C. (WBTW) — Making songs and videos seems to now be 7th grade Social Studies teacher Eric Favor’s new niche.

Favor teaches at Johnakin Middle School in Marion. He also made his first song and video back in September to help ease students anxiety of having to wear masks at school.

This new ‘Welcome Back’ song was a collaborative effort amongst Favor and two of his friends. He says some of the students have not seen the inside of Johnakin in a year — year and a half, so he wanted to come up with the “Mr. Favor” way to welcome them. In the video, he showcases students and has lyrics that encourages them to put their best foot forward as they return for the school year.

“If I were to tell them welcome back in a regular way they would be like oh I don’t want to be in school I want to be home. But you know finding a way to make the experience inviting by using music, utilizing social media are things that really peak their interest.,” Favor said. “Kids today like music. Like in my classroom if I can somehow incorporate TikTok into my classroom I can do it because that just helps them identify or understand concepts more when you make it real for them…when you bring it to a real world perspective,” Favor continued.

Eighth grader Sariya Washington was in the music video dancing along with Favors. She said the video process felt like an all day thing but she was happy to be a part.

“When he asked me to be in it, I was kind of honored. It was like it’s my first music video. I was excited and everything,” Washington said.

Favor said he has an unconventional way of teaching because of his own learning experiences.

“I was a student here. I was a student that had IEP. I was a sped student. I had ADHD. I couldn’t pay attention in class or always up doing something. So, I recognize students like me in the classroom and I know what I needed then that I didn’t have to be that for them now,” Favor said.

Washington said she agrees.

“He’s going to make anything fun. It just gave reassurance that there’s somebody that actually cares about us. There not just here because they have to be, but they want to be.”

Students in Marion County will return back to school Wednesday.