MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Community members gathered Sunday at Doug Shaw Stadium in Myrtle Beach for the fourth annual back-to-school prayer walk.

Participants walked to area schools and prayed at the entrance of each one.

“Our babies will enter those buildings tomorrow,” said Cookie Goings, the city’s director of neighborhood services. “We walk in front of those schools so that every person this year that enters the grounds upon that school, is covered in prayer. And our prayer is for presence, it is for provision, it is for peace, and it is for protection.”

This walk served as a reminder of the importance of gathering with positive intention.

“It’s a unity, and it’s annual, so even if it changes up a little bit we’re always going to come together to ask for covering,” Goings said.

Goings, a retired educator, said she was grateful to be able to support the students, administrators, school staff members and others.

“Everybody who has at the core of their hearts, wanting a better life and a wonderful school year, and we’re not just selfish we’re doing it for Myrtle Beach but asking for cover everywhere,” she said.

There were seats available for people who wanted to participate but could not walk.

“If people feel like they can’t do the walk, please come, please come,” Goings said. “There are those, even some that gather who gather who are unable to walk so they will sit, and they are praying while they are sitting.”