The next stop on the Beach Bites tour brings us to the Cheesesteak Factory in Surfside Beach, where we had the pleasure of meeting co-owner Dustin Cornish, and his wife Andy, who also runs the restaurant with him.

One quote that stuck with me from him was, “This is so much fun! My wife thinks I am absolutely crazy. I was a quality engineer, that’s what I did before this.”

Now it’s all about engineering delicious cheesesteaks among other menu items for Cornish.

The Cornishes have been serving up some great eats on the Grand Grand for almost 8 years now,
after taking over the restaurant that’s been around for 18.

Dustin went on to say, “We were looking for a restaurant that had been in business for a little bit. We found this place and fell in love with it. This is our kind of place, this is our kind of food.”

“We made amazing cheesesteaks. We starting winning award after award on our cheesesteaks. Then we realized we could do a lot more than cheesesteaks.”

With Dustin’s original roots back in Upstate New York, a regional twist was applied to the menu, and has clearly struck a chord with their regulars.

“And now we’re seeing that there’s so many western New Yorkers that miss the same foods, we started providing for them. And we’re doing a good job with it. We just brought in some Zweigle’s Hot Dogs, which is a Rochester New York thing. We do Friday fish fries here.”

Several locals have shared their love for the fish fry on social media, at a cheesesteak joint of all places!
From the fish to fresh cut meats, you can’t argue with quality, and it keeps people coming back.

Dustin closed it out with, “We have a lot of regulars that come in. We have a bunch of couples that come in once a week. As a matter of fact, this past Christmas we had at least seven different customers bring me and our staff Christmas cards and small gifts.”

“We have one gentleman. He’s a retired vet. He comes in every Friday. We have a special spot for him. Richard is his name. He comes in the door. All the staff, as soon as he walks in, “Richard’s here!” We do have quite a lot of that.”

The Cheesesteak Factory is located at 310 US-17 Business in Surfside Beach.