SOCASTEE, S.C. (WBTW) — In Socastee, there’s a nearly four-decade-old pizza shoppe with a Greek flair.

“This Aug. 15 will be 38 years we have been here,” said Athens Pizza owner Georgia Carandola. “My mom and dad had it first, and they gave it to me, and I’ll be handing it to the children. Almost [going] on four generations soon.”

When you’re here, you’re… you know the rest, and that’s a different restaurant, but it’s true at Athens Pizza.

“It’s a big family here,” Carandola said. “It’s like a Greek village. Everyone knows everyone.”

It’s Greek and Italian. From gyros to calzones, and spanakopita to linguini Alla Giovanni, which features fresh clams, mussels and shrimp. Everything is homemade because it has to be.

“People know the difference,” said Carandola. “People know when the sauce has been cooking for eight hours, people know.”

What they do works. And that’s who they are serving. The people that work.

“We don’t do people who come to visit. Not much. It’s all locals,” said Carandola. “These are the working people of Myrtle Beach here. And we have our regulars every day they come in, every other day for lunch, for dinner. We see them two or three times a week. First name basis. Extended family.”

At Athens, it’s all about family. Figuratively and literally. And they’re in the kitchen together every single day.
“Every day. Seven days a week. It used to be 10 hours a day seven days a week. But now the kids are taking over more of it, so now I’m doing less and less,” said Carandola. “If you love what you’re doing, it’s all we know.”

Athens Pizza also has desserts too, and yes they’re both Greek and Italian. They’re located on the corner of Dick Pond Road and Highway 707 in Socastee.