MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — We’re heading a few miles up the road from our News13 studio for this week’s edition of Beach Bites, and this spot lives up to its cheesy name.

Mozzarella’s is nestled right before you get to the Market Common at 1600 Farrow Parkway. While stopping by I sat down with co-owner Debi Perry, who wanted to stress the amount of attention they give to the goodness that they serve.

“We wanted to have a restaurant where we knew where the food came from, how it was produced, and that it is good and fresh,” she said.

With a name like Mozzarella’s, you better believe that this pizza shop strives to make a quality pie. That all starts with consistent ingredients that live up to their customer’s standards.

Debi continued, “I can tell you about one of my pet peeves. If my lettuce is discolored, I will throw it out. I can’t have bad lettuce. It has to be good and crunchy and solid.”

“We have top of the line cheese. All through the pandemic, even though we went from $75 a case to $120 a case, there was no way we were going to cut that back. It’s the best cheese you can get on the market.”

From the market to your mouth, the taste is great, and I can personally attest to that now. While I am still thinking about their Stromboli, it’s important to note the relationship they have with their customers too.

“One couple, Jim and Mary, they have been coming in here since day one,” she said. “They get the same thing, and we sit here. We know everything about their family, and they know ours. We have another couple that own a property here in Lakewood. They have their own personal plane, and they fly from North Carolina. They call us to say we are coming in, because they specifically get things off the Rella menu.”

At Mozzarella’s they have actually cooked up their own unique style of dough that they call Rella Dough. While that specialty is free of gluten, grain, and sugar, the restaurant itself is just “chalk” full of style.

“I wanted the chalkboard wall because when my kids were little, my son learned how to do play with pizza,” she said. “We went to this place called UNO up in New Jersey. They let him make pizza, and he was in love with it. They had these toys and stuff for the kids to do, and I wanted to do the same here.”

From the walls to the tables to the food, it’s all a beautiful work of art.