CONWAY, S.C. (WBTW) — Proving that good food can be found anywhere, there’s a Caribbean restaurant in town that’s serving up some memorable dishes, like country-style oxtails and jerk chicken pasta. At Caribbean Jerk in Conway, it’s all about the ingredients.

“And it’s always, don’t forget, freshly made dishes to satisfy our guests’ every Caribbean wish,” said Kamal Fraser, owner of Caribbean Jerk. “Same way every day. And remember, my standards.”

Fraser’s standards are high, but it’s working. He started the food truck in 2020 and opened Caribbean Jerk in 2021. What they’re serving is made from scratch, because that’s the Caribbean way.

“Caribbean food is not just showing up to any store and picking up whatever and putting it together,” said Fraser. “It really identifies freshly made food.”

And as unique as a Caribbean restaurant in Conway, how about a minister doing your cooking?

“I’m in ministry. I’m a pastor. That’s what brought me to Myrtle Beach,” said Fraser. “Food has always been my passion. Ministry is my calling but food is my passion. And I love to see people happy both ways.”

Fraser is passionate about what he’s serving, and to be the best you have to serve the best.

“Because you know a lot of times people put so much effort [into] what we wear…It’s okay. But I don’t think they put enough into what goes within,” said Fraser. “This is supposed to take you back to the island if you’ve been, and would make you want to go if you’ve never been.”

Right now Caribbean Jerk is on 3rd Avenue in Conway, but they’re expanding and moving. Fraser just bought a new location, still in Conway, and hopes to open the new spot soon.