SURFSIDE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Forget the golden arches, because in Surfside Beach there’s another golden location that’s serving breakfast nearly as fast, just as affordable and far more impressive. It’s the Golden Egg.

Evan Bofilios and his family have been doing this breakfast stuff for a while.

“A little over 31 years. Since 1991,” said Bofilios, owner of Golden Egg. “Well actually we were here before as a pizza restaurant. My parents in 1982 were actually down the street and they came here and bought this and turned it into a pizza restaurant. So up until Hugo, Hugo was the final straw, after that, they shut it down and opened up as breakfast in 1991.”

Golden Egg is popular. Bofilios said sometimes you’re going to have to wait for a bit.

“It gets up to an hour,” said Bofilios. “Which is mind-boggling to me because it’s breakfast. And it’s humbling. It’s really humbling I feel bad. I feel super bad.”

The key ingredient to their success? Their ingredients.

“Product quality, right?” said Bofilios. “It’s easy to do breakfast. It’s easy to mess up breakfast. People say ‘Oh you can’t mess up breakfast.’ You can mess up breakfast. You know? You can mess up by buying a cheaper product. Serving lower-quality bacon. Lower-quality sausage. You know when you come to eat breakfast, you want to eat something good.”

Serving good food is easy for this crew. Way easier than it was for Bofilios’ dad to design the egg out front.

“Which is a funny story, because I don’t know if you noticed but the golden egg outside, but the first version, when my dad did it, he tried to do it himself, and it looked like a potato. So people are like ‘that looks like a potato.’ So then he had a foam company shape it into the egg and he put it up there,” said Bofilios.

And it’s been there ever since. The Golden Egg is now the gold standard for breakfast along the Grand Strand. While it’s been a success, Bofilios just wants to be comfortable serving this comfort food.

“It’s really nice,” said Bofilios. “People, some people do restaurants for glory, for riches. But to me it’s not the riches. Living a good life.”

When Bofilios mentioned an hour wait, that’s only during the weekends in the summer. More than likely if you give them a visit tomorrow you’ll get right in. They’re located on Business 17 in Surfside Beach.