MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — We’ve got health and wellness on the brain for this week’s Beach Bites stop. It’s run by a Greek family, nestled right in the heart of the Market Common.

There are plenty of busy people out there who want to eat healthier, but that can be tough on the go.
Preparation speed is a big selling point of Zardin, but quality and taste are not sacrificed.

“People are used to having McDonalds and Burger King and other big names as fast food, because everybody is busy,” said Lav Hysa, who co-owns Zardin. “Well, what we wanted to create here is like, we understand you’re busy, but we can provide you with healthy food. Our main products are salads and power bowls. We get everything fresh, everything is organic as much as we can, and we provide everything today for today. We don’t prep yesterday for today. We make everything in small batches, so they stay fresh.”

Basically, you won’t be finding any golden arches or crowns, but you will find some awesome eats for your wellness. The ingredients don’t tell the whole story though, because one could be just as impressed by the presentation, as well.

“I was a kid, and somebody told me that the front side is not very important, and don’t judge a book by its cover, but actually that’s the first thing you do,” Hysa said. “You see things. and we realize going into restaurants, that you can have a really good meal, but they’ll just throw it on a plate.”

When you walk in this place it even smells healthy, if that makes sense. I certainly felt fantastic after trying one of their protein coffee shakes, and their shakes are just one small piece of the puzzle.

The business also has an all-day breakfast menu. It also offers lunch and dinner.

To check out their other appeasing options, you’ll just have to stop in and give them a try!

You can check out their menu here: