MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — There’s a Grand Strand staple that’s serving up a taste of old Italy in a new location.

“We bring people in through the door, and I am constantly saying hello, thanking them for coming to eat at Maggi D’s,” said John Magliato, owner of Maggi D’s. “Without customers we wouldn’t be anywhere.”

Magliato has been running Maggi D’s for well over a decade now. He has such a warm presence and appreciates all who visit this quaint Italian restaurant.

“Thank God we have great customers, even the locals. I can’t say nothing but great about all my local customers. They are always here taking care of us, we take care of them. We know who they are,” said Magliato. “We go the extra mile for anyone who walks through the door.”

When you walk through the door you are going to be hit with some incredible aromas. I was lucky enough to experience them back in the kitchen, and it sure makes you hungry. From myself, and many others, they’re no stranger to rave reviews here.

“And they’re like ‘Wow, this is like my grandma’s.’ And ‘Oh my God this sauce is fantastic.’ You know?” said Magliato. “So, we just keep going.”

I am still dreaming about their vodka sauce and fresh baked bread. Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg with their menu. So much hard work goes on back in the kitchen on the food, but you have to appreciate all that gets accomplished outside of it too.

“It’s a long day,” said Magliato. “Nobody realizes what it takes to run a restaurant. I’m out of the house by eight o’clock. Picking up stuff we need. And I get in here and we get going. The girls come in. They have to prep all the salads and stuff. Everything is prepped every day.”

It’s all a labor of love at Maggi D’s, and that is something that trickles down to those who work there. John listed the names of his employees for me because he appreciates them so much. But instead of reading them off to you, I encourage you to go meet them yourselves.

“This is my place,” said Magliato. “I want to make sure everybody is comfortable.”

Maggi D’s recently moved to a new spot across from Coastal Grand Mall, but don’t worry all their old recipes still came with them.