A newer, little coffee shop in Myrtle Beach is making big waves, and it’s easy to see the passion put into starting up the business.

“Our space is small, but we try to maximize and we make adjustments every single day to make sure we keep that guest experience super high,” said Lori Lesnansky, the Happiness & Joy director of Beach Hippie Coffee.

When searching for new places to try, it’s always a good tip to start small. Places like Beach Hippie Coffee are easy to miss, but you’ll be glad you found them.

“We’re here for one purpose, and that purpose is to spread caffeine-fueled joy and bring [the] community together,” Lesnansky said. “We want our tourists to feel like they’re just like a local, and our locals are super important as well.”

You can expect a warm welcome no matter where you are from. Take a relaxed and modern flashback to the 70s while grabbing a quality beverage or something to snack on. Indulgence aside, though, it’s the positive vibes here that help to make your day better.

“We want to leave that encouragement and that joy and that little impression on someone’s life that they can turn around and go and light up someone else’s day with a simple smile, that they were able to experience here at Beach Hippie Coffee,” Lesnansky said.

There are plenty of fun drinks to try that will help lead to those smiles, not to mention a content tummy thanks to some pleasing pastries.

“Our bagels come from New York,” she said. “They are kettle-boiled New York-style bagels. And then we bake in-house and we try and use a lot of clean organic ingredients. We also have a vegan menu that we also bake in-house. Our coffee supplier, we have a couple [of] different partnerships and collaborations going on. Our espresso and some of our core coffees come from Georgia.”

There’s nothing wrong with a little flavor from places outside of South Carolina, as they come together very nicely here in the Palmetto State. If you need to be more health-conscious, they got you covered, too.

The menu includes options that are vegan, keto, and paleo-friendly. Being inclusive with food options is awesome, but how about being included in something fun as well.

“One of our walls is going to become the Jenga wall,” Lesnansky said. “And, of course, we’ll keep a stack out for anyone to play Jenga on any given day.”

Each block represents a customer to remember, which is so cool. However, with being a Penn State grad, there is a University of Michigan one that might have to go.

Anyway, if you’re looking to find a new caffeine fix, this could be the spot for you!

You can find them at 5311 N Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach.