MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Many start their day with coffee on the go, but what about coffee that’s literally on the go? It’s all about a coffee shop on wheels for this week’s edition of Beach Bites.

Abel Wilson runs A Coffee Movement with his wife, but he has an interesting educational background that has been integrated into the business to help it grow.

“I used to be a chemical engineer. I graduated from Clemson with that degree in 2019. Because of that process, I got really interested in coffee. I saw a lot of the things that I was learning in the classroom happening in front of me,” Abel said.

Running a mobile coffee van is not what Abel planned on while getting into college, but you never know where life is going to take you.

He said, “During COVID, I had the opportunity to start the van and I knew that further down in my life that if I didn’t try, I was going to kick myself in the butt.”

Combining a true passion for the craft of coffee with a great understanding of the science behind it has made for a winning recipe, if you’re wondering why it tastes better than a run-of-the mill cup of joe.

“I know what’s happening when I am tweaking different things. I really try to source the highest quality of products possible. Whether that be the coffee we use or the ingredients we put in our drinks, we really want that consistency and quality to shine through,” Abel said.

The coffee beans they utilize come from a trusted roaster out in Arkansas, but they use products from the Carolinas as well.

“All of our syrups that we make, we try to use as much local ingredients as possible. Whether that’s blueberries from North Carolina or sweet potatoes from here, we really try to source all of that as locally as possible,” Abel said.

Speaking of local, being mobile allows different customers to see what A Coffee Movement is all about.
It takes more prep time in the morning, but it’s all worth it to see new faces every week.

Abel closed out with “I really like going other places. My wife likes going other places. Serving different people and meeting all those different people is a joy as well.”

Since A Coffee Movement is mobile, you can check out their next stop on Facebook.