SOCASTEE, S.C. (WBTW) — There’s a deli in Socastee that’s hard to tell if it’s a restaurant first and shrine second or a shrine first and restaurant second. Either way, what they’re serving has been a home run for eight years now.
“Well, this is all my husband’s personal collection,” said NY Deli owner Sharon Tavares. “And he has more. Just nowhere to put it.”

If NY Deli was any bigger, owner and Yankees fan Todd Tavares would still fill the walls. There’s not a bare spot in the building.

“And then he’s got, the women’s bathroom is all Derek Jeter,” said Tavares. “There was a lady, who came in yesterday and she was sitting here with her friend, and she’s like, goes to the restroom and she opens up the door and she’s like, ‘How could you let me go in here without my cell phone?’ Cause she’s never been in here before. So she had to grab her phone and record the women’s bathroom. It was so funny.”

NY Deli is owned by Todd and Sharon. Their kids help run it, but they say Emma, their granddaughter and the real boss, would even make Steinbrenner sweat. While the decor at this family-run spot deserves a pennant, when it comes down to it, it’s all about the food.

“Our specialty is probably our DiMaggio. Because all our sandwiches are named after Yankee players. And that’s our Italian, so that’s our most popular,” said Tavares. “And then we do Phillys and meatball parms, chicken parms, triple-deckers, all that, Rubens, corned beef Rubens, pastrami melts.”

The only requirement here is you have to like hearty servings of delicious food. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of the Yankees or not, everyone is welcome. Yes, even Boston fans.

“Absolutely. We welcome all fans,” said Tavares. “Yeah, we get people to come in and they’ll kid with me, but no, it’s all good.”

And if you want to give them a hard time because the Yankees have only won 27 World Series, they can handle it.

“And if the Yankees lose and they come in and they’re like, ‘Oh what happened? Your Yankees lost.’ We’ll go, ‘That’s what the NY stands for. Next year,'” said Tavares.

Spring training starts in about one month. So, if you’re missing baseball and can’t wait that long, consider a trip to NY Deli. They can be found at the intersection of Big Block and Dick Pond Roads in Socastee.