CAROLINA FOREST, S.C. (WBTW) – Quagliata Brothers Italian Deli In Carolina Forest is an authentic Italian deli adding new products and new patrons every day.

But despite being new, this deli from New York is keeping it old school.

Chris Quagliata, owner of Quagliata Brothers, is bringing the foods from the old country south. And by old country, we mean New York.

“Just came in last night, prosciutto bread from Mazzola Bakery in Brooklyn. Downtown Brooklyn,” Quagliata said. “And the twisted seder bread we get from there. And the semolina bread we get from New Jersey. We have the Manhattan Special. A hard product to find down here. It’s an Italian espresso soda. It’s packed in Brooklyn.”

He’s familiar with Italian delis.

“Back in the late 70s, my brother went into business in a deli, I was a young boy, and I started working with him,” Quagliata said. “He brought me into it. My brother, Gerard.”

So what makes an Italian deli different from any other?

“The imported prosciutto from Italy, the fresh mozzarella we make in the morning,” he said. “All the breads we bring down from up north from Brooklyn and New Jersey, the fresh cut cheeses, the stuffed peppers, Italian sausage.”

While they do bring in a lot they make even more.

“This is authentic. This is grandma’s recipes,” he said. “You know, it’s a little different.”

And what they make is bringing in the customers.

“I mean we constantly get repeat customers,” he said. “Every day, this area’s grown so much. Every day I meet new people. I can’t keep up with names or anything like that. It’s too much. It’s overwhelming. It’s all about the products and the service. We treat each customer as family. You know, when they come in, they want something special, we try to get it. You know it might take me a month to get something special from up north, but once a month I usually get a pallet of groceries. You know I listen to everything they want. Someone tells me they want something I’ll try to get it. I’m not worried about how am I going to sell the rest of it. Because somebody else out there really wants it anyway.”

But as friendly as the crew is, good luck getting a recipe.

“Our Aunt Theresa taught us, give the recipe, but always leave one piece out,” Quagliata said. “One ingredient.”

He was hesitant to even open the deli, but his wife that pushed him over the fence to do it. She’s an even better businesswoman, because it’s been a huge success so far.

Quagliata Brothers Italian Deli is located in Forest Crossings in Carolina Forest. It’s open every day except Sundays.