LONGS, S.C. (WBTW) At the Reckless Rooster, they run the gamut, from bagels and biscuits to dishes that will make you fly the coop and head over now.

Before the rooster crows, owner Javier Lopez is in the kitchen.

“We start with bagels early in the morning, four in the morning,” Lopez said. “Myself, I come over here, start from scratch making the bagels and the biscuits. Fresh biscuits every morning.”

Even though “reckless” is in its name, it’s not in their M-O. They’re actually very careful.

“Consistency. Just the same size. And the baking, that’s where the key is. Spend the right time. Baby them,” Lopez said. “We wanted to have a restaurant that was simple and easy with easy recopies. Nice and simple nothing too complicated.”

But at the Reckless Rooster they’re willing to try new things too. Like the “rebel rooster” burger. It’s far from simple. The six-ounce burger comes with Philly cheesesteak, peppers, onions, jalapeno bacon, fried green tomatoes, pickles, lettuce, beer cheese and rooster aioli. Don’t be a chicken — give it a shot.

While the Reckless Rooster runs the coop on top notch menu items, Lopez said it’s something else they boast the most.

“We try to serve the customer every way we can. I make sure the food is fresh, and if there’s something that they don’t like, we’ll fix it and make sure it’s up to their expectation,” Lopez said. “It’s nice satisfaction to have people smile and say ‘that was a great meal.’ We believe that it comes from the heart.”

The Reckless Rooster is easy to find. It’s on Highway 90, just east of Highway 22. The business is open until 2 p.m. every day.