MURRELLS INLET, S.C. (WBTW) — A second-story fish joint in Murrells Inlet has ground-level prices with a top story taste.

“We’re really fortunate to live in a little slice of paradise that’s such a small community,” says Andy Shaw, owner of Russell’s Seafood Grill. “Murrells Inlet’s our style. We like it laid back and kind of low key and be able to go to the beach.”

Russell’s Seafood Grill is a place where the locals have been living it up for nearly 30 years.

Just like Murrells Inlet is Shaw’s style, it seems Murrells Inlet likes him too.

“We pride ourselves on serving the local fish and such,” Shaw said. “So a lot of people come in here to get that really quality fish all year long. We’re fortunate enough to be open all year. So we have a very good local base and a lot of tourists that come back ever single year and do get some new tourists, as well.”

Russell’s opened in 1993, but the building itself started across the street on top of Nance’s. It was the upstairs bar/waiting room, until it wasn’t.

“When Hurricane Hugo came through it it basically destroyed everything down here as everybody knows,” Shaw said. “This wasn’t really harmed so they basically ended up taking it off the top, putting it on the ground and using it for a little while, kind of like a bar for Murrells Inlet as Russell always said. He and his dad eventually put this up on the pillars it’s on and ended up making a restaurant out of it and have been here ever since.”

Today Russell’s is staying dry, and by that we mean it in the literal way. Don’t worry — their bar is fully stocked. But here, it’s all about the fish.

“We get spoiled,” Shaw said. “We buy all our fish from Seven Seas right here on the Inlet so we get about as fresh of a fish as you can get. It’s just amazing how many species we have and we go through. Right now we have triggerfish and just had hogfish which is another popular local fish. We always have grouper from the area.”

The business itself is old and rustic.

“We’re surrounded by live oaks on the property,” Shaw said, “and they’ve been here for a very very long time. It’s kind of what makes Russell’s the little tree house of Murrells Inlet. Everybody likes to call it. We love being that old school style fish shack slash tree house.”

Russell’s Seafood Grill is on Business 17 in Murrells Inlet.