SURFSIDE BEACH, SC (WBTW) — Quality and convenience. They’re what every restaurant strives for, but not all get it done. But at Shelle’s Bistro To Go in Surfside Beach, fresh food fast is the name of the game.

“We basically were starting from scratch,” owner Rochelle Drouillard said. “We were turning a salon into a restaurant.”

When Oceans Edge Salon and Spa moved out, Shelle’s Bistro moved in. Drouillard opened the doors in August, but food is nothing new to her.

“I’ve always done seafood,” Drouillard said. “As far as I used to own three restaurants with a group of people in north Florida. So, when this spot became available I was kind of itching to get back into it and that’s what happened.”

Drouillard just turned 65 and was looking for a final adventure to finish up her working years. This time around, she wanted to do something different.

“Really I wanted something a little unique,” Drouillard said. “It’s nothing I ever did before, by any means. I always had servers, staff, that sort of thing.”

While there’s hot and cold food already done up and ready to go, there are some things they still cook when you come in and order.

“We don’t precook everything,” Drouillard said. “I mean everything is cooked to order, and we’ve just kind of mastered how to do that quickly.”

Quickly as in you only have to wait 5-10 minutes. Shelle’s Bistro is more than a step up from fast food, but Drouillard said you should leave the suit and tie at home.

“I had a woman a couple of weeks ago, she had come in, she said, ‘I’m so sandy. I apologize.’ I said, ‘You’re in the perfect place. We’re beach.'”

At Shelle’s Bistro To Go, the fish comes from a boat not a truck.

“But because of the casualness, and my whole thing was supply quality fresh food,” Drouillard said. “Get the freshest seafood. And just wanted to give it a shot.”

Shelle’s has a standard menu, but every day there are different specials, and most are already done up and ready to take out, including pot roast, shepherd’s pie, pasta, and desserts. They’re on Surfside Drive in downtown Surfside Beach.