Conway, S.C. (WBTW) — If you haven’t eaten inside the restaurant or sampled something from their bakery, maybe you’ve been to an event they’ve catered. The Trestle Bakery and Cafe is a Conway staple that does a little bit of everything.

‘Everyone already knows about The Trestle’ is what I often hear, but isn’t success and history worth celebrating?

“The restaurant itself has been here I’d say around 30-35 years,” said the new owner of The Trestle, Marsha Taylor. “A long time ago it used to be a drug store downstairs and a doctor’s office upstairs. And I meet some older people, who when they were children they had come to the doctor, when they were children. So that’s kind of cool.”

Taylor and her husband took over The Trestle back in January, and they plan to keep it as is, a restaurant.

“It’s going great. We’re super busy. As people continue to move here, the business is just growing and growing. We’re excited,” Taylor said. “This town is near and dear to our heart. I was raised here. My entire family is from here. We all live within like a mile of each other. And I just have a lot of heart for Conway.”

Conway seems to love The Trestle, whether at the restaurant or up the block at the bakery.

“As you can see the cakes are lined up to the end of the counter,” Taylor said. “We’re baking new stuff every day. Improving some of the old recipes. We’re just super excited. We have upcoming things for fall out. We’re just super excited to do new seasonal things. We have some of the old favorites along with some new things too. This is nice, yeah.”

Taylor’s getting it done, with her staff, community, and…

“You know when God presents your opportunity you have to take it and don’t let it pass you by,” Taylor said. “It is scary. The restaurant business in general is scary. But we just, we thought we could do it. We thought God was on our side, and we just took the risk. It has worked out and we are doing very well.”