SURFSIDE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — When it comes to the coast, people usually don’t think about barbecue as seafood reigns supreme. We are keeping on the Beach Bites trail to check out some smoky goodness in Surfside Beach.

Trying too hard isn’t something they have to do at the Gracious Pig. It’s about sticking to what works, and that keeps customers coming back. Area manager Austin Fullwood has the art of BBQ in his veins, ingraining that into the restaurant.

Austin told me, “We really just try to keep things simple. Barbecue is a simple thing. If you try to do too much, it tends to get lost.”

“I am just a Horry County boy, and have been doing barbecue for 25 years. I flipped my first hog with my papa at 3 years old. It’s a lifestyle for me, and I take pride in what I do here. I try to pass it along to these guys back here as well.”

High praise was given in regard to those fellow staff members back there, and I could see why.
The kitchen area is a small workspace, but everything works out nicely, like a well-oiled machine.
This allows delicious plates to be pushed out at a good clip, so how about a little preview?

On the food, Fullwood said, “My personal favorite, and it tends to be the favorite with a lot of community members, is the turkey that we do. The smoked turkey is outstanding.”

Talking turkey is fine, but the mouthwatering brisket or pulled pork would be my choice. Aside from the meats though, there are two things not to be forgotten. The sides of course, but also a great sense of community.

“Back to us doing things for the community. Being out there, shaking hands, treating people with the utmost respect. That’s what it’s about. If it wasn’t for the locals, we wouldn’t have the business that we have. We’re very gracious to have a community that’s rallied around.”

They are very gracious indeed at the Gracious Pig.

If you want to “get piggy with it” at this spot, you can find them at 12 Ocean Blvd South in Surfside!